Views . Below is a timeline of Queen Ayrenn's age during the establishment of each Aldmeri Dominion assuming she is alive that long: Since the Throne of Alinor is inherited by right of birth, and relinquished upon death, this means Ayrenn could possibly be the Queen of Alinor until the day she dies. Also, even if it turns out that Ayrenn is very open-minded, that wouldn't have to mean that all 2nd Era Altmer were. Hitler was in large part able to play off the resentment Germans felt at their mistreatment, just like the Thalmor. They didn't need to worry about mankind because they could reach ascension peacefully. The Isle of Artaeum disappeared at about the time of the founding of the Mages Guild on 2E 230, and “none but Iachesis and his own could shed light on the matter”. He acts on my behalf. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Tamriel Foundry is a proud partner of Gamer Launch offering full featured guild hosting services for serious gamers. For analogy's sake, think of it as lucid dreaming. Queen Ayrenn . share. This isn't a random number. If Queen Ayrenn witnessed Tiber Septim's tyranny firsthand this could explain why the Thalmor are so opposed to the worship of Talos as a Divine. And the Night of Green Fire is a really bad example of anything unless you can find the source for where it came from. Finally, about the Thalmor ending the Oblivion crisis, we don't actually know if they believe that. This is the song: "Ode to Queen Ayrenn". We’ll have to wait and see. Talk to Queen Ayrenn. You would think that those arrogant, boastful Thalmor soldiers would mention at least something about the fact that they supposedly saved Tamriel from certain destruction, but they don't. Did Ayrenn survive Numidium's siege of Alinor during Tiber Septim's conquest in the Summerset Isles? While I totally agree about hoping Ayrenn is just putting on a face for the non-Altmer masses, the Altmer back then were supposed to be more chill anyway. The song can be found within the MMORPG of Elder Scrolls Online. Queen Ayrenn: "Here, let me show you the path to exile!" If you want to hide something evil, hide it in something boring. if it's done subtly and in the shadows. Soldiers! With regards to the Second Aldmeri Dominion...shouldn't it still be the 3rd? Tamriel Foundry is created using content and materials from The Elder Scrolls Online © ZeniMax Online Studios, LLC or its licensors. Ayrenn began her travels with the Isle of Balfiera, located in the center of the Iliac Bay, where she met the Direnni Clan, who taught her the art of war. I can see what a huge improvement Skyrim was, but you still wind up justifying yourself to Paarthurnax by saying “Ilike this world, and it would suck if it was nommed,” or “It’s my destiny. Maybe I will, later. She is young for a High Elf — a mere 28 years old — but she spent much of the first part of her life roaming the lands and seas of Tamriel, seeking adventure and the kind of education schools cannot impart. Altmer are capable of living for hundreds, if not thousands of years. donations will unlock for your Foundry Network account. Here she is, Queen Ayrenn, Founder of the first Aldmeri Dominion, in all her glory. You missed a mage! At a mere 28 years old, Queen Ayrenn is young, especially for an Altmer. She is also known as the "Unforeseen Queen," having mysteriously disappeared from Summerset as a child, only to return 17 years … Please respect the Tamriel Foundry That, or he had an Elder Scroll. As the Aldmeri Dominion and Thalmor play a larger role in the Elder Scrolls series, do you think Queen Ayrenn will eventually be incorporated into the next Elder Scrolls game? Highelf.

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