The black painted room not only consisted of life-sized Tron city graphics, but also glowing blue line graphics on the walls, floor and furniture, a desk with glowing red-lit Recognizers for the legs and a Tron suit-inspired desk chair, a light cycle-shaped chair with blue lighting accents, a projection mural system that projected Tron imagery on a glass wall partition, a laptop computer, a flat panel television, several Tron: Legacy action figures, a daybed in black and shimmering dark blue and blue overhead lit panels. Since Kevin's "identity disc" is the master key to the Grid and the only way to traverse the Portal, Clu expects Sam to bring Kevin to the Portal so he can take Kevin's disc, go through the Portal himself, and impose his idea of perfection on the human world. We would put those together and then inject foam into the negative space. Teaser trailers were released in November 2009, while a longer trailer was shown during the Spike Video Game Awards on December 12, 2009. "[40] Klugman said of the precedent film: "It was remembered not only for story, but a visual style that nobody had ever used before. "[34] The writers decided to create the character of Clu as an evil embodiment of "how you look back on your younger self, (...) that guy [that] thought he knew everything, but he really knew nothing." Category:Characters - Tron Wiki - ''TRON'', ''TRON: Legacy'', and more. "[36] After giving his intake, Kosinski sent various sketches of the scene to the writers and would often revise the script. visual effects production manager: Mr.X inc. data integration artist (as Christina Boice), 3D integration/tracking artist: Prime Focus World Vancouver (as Reika Nishio), associate visual effects supervisor: Whiskytree, visual effects artist (as Patel Irshad) / visual effects artist: Prana Studios (as patel Irshad), paint comp artist: Digital Domain (as Bethany Pederson), visual effects sequence coordinator: Digital Domain, digital roto and paint artist: Digital Domain, digital effects artist / modeling technical director, pre-visualisation lead / pre-visualisation, visual effects line producer: Digital Domain, paint and rotoscope artist: Digital Domain (as Heather MacPhee), effects animation supervisor: Digital Domain, sequence coordinator (as Elizabeth Schafer), visual effects producer (as Charles W. Self), lead digital compositor: Digital Domain Vancouver, lead compositor: Digital Domain Commercials, 3D Integration Artist: Prime Focus Vancouver, senior lighting technical director: Digital Domain, lighting technical director: Prana Studios, roto and paint artist: Prana Studio / visual effects artist, digital compositor: Prime Focus Vancouver, digital coordinator: Digital Domain (as Kat Elliott), digital lighting artist: Mr X (as Matt 'Readyman' Whelan), digital matte painter: DD - Digital Domain, visual effects sequence producer (uncredited), training coordinator: Digital Domain (uncredited), lighting intern: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects studio support: Digital Domain (uncredited), production assistant: Mr. X Inc. (uncredited), visual effects: Digital Domain (uncredited), bidding producer: Ollin Studio (uncredited), systems administrator: Prologue (uncredited), visual effects executive producer (uncredited), stunt double: Jeff Bridges / stuntman: Mr. Bridges, stunts: Black Guard / stunts: Disk Opponent 1, stunts (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt wire rigger (uncredited) / stunt: second unit (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), lead setwire / set wireman (as Keith Brookes), camera operator: "a" camera, additional photography, first assistant camera: "b" camera, additional photography, first assistant camera: "c" camera / first assistant camera: second unit, first assistant camera: "a" camera, second unit, chief lighting technician: additional photography, lighting technician (as Paul Stoker Mayne), 2nd Unit Director of Photography / camera operator: "a" camera, second unit, key grip additional photography / leadman grip, second assistant camera: "b" camera, additional photography (as Joe Zovko), 3D camera system design and engineering (uncredited), character animator: Digital Domain (as David Breux), foam technician, specialty costumes: Quantum Creation FX, key specialty costumer (as Linda Benevente-Notaro), costumer: specialty costumes: added lights to the helmets, digital asset manager (as Jason C. Brown), studio manager: Remote Control Productions (uncredited), script supervisor: additional photography, transportation coordinator (as Steve Zerwick), production staff (as Matthew Joseph Adams), second assistant accountant: additional photography, assistant production coordinator: additional photography, production coordinator: additional photography, construction accountant (as Michele Lee Shellenberg), special effects tech for quantum creations, accounting clerk / office production assistant: Mocap shoots, data capture engineer: additional photography (uncredited), training supervisor: Digital Domain (uncredited), production finance executive (uncredited), additional set production assistant: additional photography (uncredited), motion actor: motion capture (uncredited). [175] In August 2020, Deadline reported that Garth Davis had officially been tapped to direct the film from a screenplay by Jesse Wigutow. [117], A short film sequel to the film, Tron: The Next Day, as well as a preview of the 19-episode animated series Tron: Uprising, is included in all versions of the home media release. Clu, Rinzler, and several guards pursue the trio in Light Jets. Quorra, having switched discs with Kevin, gives Kevin's disc to Sam and they escape together to the real world. As Bailey put, the Grid would not have any influence from the Internet as it had turned offline from the real world in the 1980s, and "grew on its own server into something powerful and unique." "The feeling is mutual. Gem first encountered Sam Flynn when he was captured and sentenced to fight in the Arena. [17][28], Steven Lisberger relocated to Boston, Massachusetts from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1970s to pursue a career in computer animation. Sam Flynn: Does the name 'Kevin Flynn' mean anything to you? Upon downloading the participant's body scan, the illustrations were overlaid to provide an output manufacturing element. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. He is captured and sent to "the Games", where he must fight a masked program named Rinzler. Tron: Legacy (stylized as TRON: Legacy) is a 2010 American science fiction action film directed by Joseph Kosinski, in his feature directorial debut, from a screenplay written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, based on a story by Horowitz, Kitsis, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal. [174] In July 2020, The Disinsider reported that the third film is still in development as a sequel at least of sorts with Leto and is currently looking for a director and could see the cast of Legacy returning. [124] Tron: Legacy grossed roughly $68 million during its first week,[126] and surpassed $100 million on its 12th day in release. The actors had to be compressed to compensate for the bulk of the electronics. [80] A remix album for the soundtrack, titled Tron: Legacy Reconfigured, became available on April 5, 2011[81] to coincide with the film's home media release. "[77] [13] Olivia Wilde described it as an honor to train with them. [154] The film made the final shortlist for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects,[155] although it did not receive a nomination. Michelle's Review", "Flynn Lives, Rages Against the Machine in 'TRON: Legacy, "2010 Austin Film Critics Association Awards", "Oscar Visual Effects Shortlist Includes INCEPTION, SCOTT PILGRIM, TRON: LEGACY and Four More", "Hereafter boots TRON: Legacy off Oscar shortlist", "Teen Choice Awards Noms, Part 2! [43] Wilde sought inspiration from her six months before production of the film commenced. For the other entries of the TRON franchise, see the index below: TRON 2.0 TRON: Evolution TRON: Legacy TRON: Uprising Humans Kevin Flynn A former programmer at ENCOM whose ideas for video games were stolen … During one of the Tron: Legacy panels, the crowd was given instruction via a large video screen while techs from Skywalker Sound recorded the performance. The boards also combine in real time until the last two Disc warriors are connected. In Flynn's arcade, Sam backs up and deactivates the system. The suite uses electroluminescent wire to capture the art style of the film. At the end of the trailer, the yellow Program showed his face, which appeared identical to Flynn's earlier program Clu (resembling the younger Flynn in Tron). They followed this by "approach[ing] the world from the perspective of character, using Kevin Flynn as an organizing principle, and focus on the emotional relationship from father and son and their reconciliation, which brings profound turns in their respective individual lives."[37]. ", "Daft Punk's Classical Meets Cyberpunk Approach to "Tron: Legacy, "KCRW and Disney to host preview of Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' score on Saturday [Updated]", "Daft Punk Pull Back the Curtain on 'Tron: Legacy' Soundtrack", "Daft Punk: 'Why we dropped synths for strings for 'TRON' soundtrack, "Teaser trailer with "Derezzed" by Daft Punk", "Boyle's 'Gift' Keeps Giving on Billboard 200, 'Tron' Hits Top 10", RIAA Gold and Platinum Search for Tron: Legacy, "Disney TRON: LEGACY Hits The Grid - Tuesday, April 5", "The original "TRON" and "TRON Legacy" on Blu-ray in April", "First Tron 2 Viral: Flynn Lives – Tron 2", "Poster and first still for TRON: LEGACY", "TRON: LEGACY Advertising Already Hitting the Streets of San Diego Before 2010 Comic-Con", "Coke Zero to market itself around "Tron: Legacy, "Marvel Unveils TRON Variant Covers Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more get the TRON treatment", "Exclusive – Win tickets to the TRON: Legacy premiere in Hollywood and London", "Disney Monorail Trains to Feature 'TRON: LEGACY' Art", "ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park Extended Through Labor Day", "Poreotics Dance Crew Back at ElecTRONica December 1", "Video: 'World of Color TRON: Legacy Encore, "Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Gaston Family and Mariah Carey! [82][117] Tron: Legacy was available stand-alone as a single-disc DVD, a two-disc DVD and Blu-ray combo pack, and a four-disc box set adding a Blu-ray 3D and a digital copy. [24][25] Jeffrey Nordling stars as Richard Mackey, the chairman of ENCOM's executive board, and Cillian Murphy makes an uncredited appearance as Edward Dillinger, Jr., the head of ENCOM's software design team and the son of former ENCOM Senior Executive Ed Dillinger portrayed by David Warner in the original film. The film was presented in IMAX 3D and Disney Digital 3D. At an alleged cost of $200 million, that's some yawn. It is said to be very fast, and has the unique ability to go off the Grid on its own power. ", "Did You Know That I (and Possibly You) Are in Tron Legacy? Tron: Legacy was the second Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release that included Disney Second Screen, a feature accessible via a computer or iPad app download that provides additional content as the user views the film. [87], Disney also partnered with both Coke Zero and Norelco on Tron: Legacy. While the trailer did not confirm that a Tron sequel was in production, it showed that Disney was serious about a sequel. [88][89] Disney's subsidiary Marvel Comics had special covers of their superheroes in Tron garb,[90] and Nokia had trailers for the film preloaded on Nokia N8 phones while doing a promotion to attend the film's London premiere. "[148] Although he proclaimed the plot of Tron: Legacy and its predecessor to be spotty, Ian Buckwater of NPR was lenient on the latter film due to its youth-friendly nature. Beau Garrett as Gem 7. Similar to Tron, this approach was seen as pushing the boundaries of modern technology. Nov 21, 2020 - Explore Brennen Hopson's board "TRON art", followed by 481 people on Pinterest. The conceptual art shown at Comic-Con was shown in the session, along with some test film of the martial artists who play a more athletic style of Disc Wars. [29] Since the computer animation field was mainly concentrated in Los Angeles, Lisberger had very little competition operating on the East Coast: "Nobody back then did Hollywood stuff, so there was no competition and no one telling us that we couldn't do it. | [179][181], This article is about the film. Are you interested? [41] His approach in cultivating a prototype was different from other film directors because, according to Kosinski, he came "from a design point of view";[41] "Some of my favorite directors come from outside of the film business, so that made my approach different from other directors, but a design background makes sense for a movie like this because the whole world has to be made from scratch. Horowitz later claimed the challenge was to "homage the first movie, continue the story, expand it and take it to another place and open up space for new fans," and Kitsis claimed that the film would start a whole new mythology "of which we're only scratching the surface. Rinzler remembers his past as Tron and deliberately collides with Clu's Light Jet, then falls into the Sea of Simulation below. See more ideas about tron art, tron, tron legacy. Zuse attempts to bargain with Clu over the disc, but Clu simply takes it, and destroys the club along with Zuse. [176], Tron: Legacy was adapted as a location named "The Grid" in the 2012 Nintendo 3DS game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and the later HD remastered version in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. "[2], Tron: Legacy received an award for "Best Original Score" from the Austin Film Critics Association. If he can't be thrilled, why should we? [77] "Synths are a very low level of artificial intelligence," explained member Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, "whereas you have a Stradivarius that will live for a thousand years. [97] On December 12, 2010, the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, as part of a house rebuild, constructed a Tron: Legacy-themed bedroom for one of the occupants' young boys. Who decided that? "[172] A few days later, it was reported that Jared Leto was attached to portray a new character named Ares in the sequel, titled Tron: Destiny. Attaining a mean score of 5.86/10, the site's consensus stated: "Tron: Legacy boasts dazzling visuals, but its human characters and story get lost amidst its state-of-the-art production design. [64], It took two years and 10 companies to create the 1,565 visual effects shots of Tron: Legacy. In a post-Matrix world, how do you go back to the world of Tron? Kitsis thought that illustrating the character's stories to be the most difficult task in writing Tron: Legacy. [118] The digital download of Tron: Legacy was available in both high definition or standard definition, including versions with or without the digital extras. [55] These scenes are presented in 1.78:1 in a similar way to the Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight. [58] In addition, Clark and Wilkinson designed over 140 background costumes. The writers also consulted Lisberger, to view Tron's creator input on the story. "[113], On December 10, 2010, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a special premiere was hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos organised through Twitter, open to the first 100 people who showed up at the CN Tower. "Tron: Legacy.". "All I know is what I'm seeing online," Morgan said. "[122] Although the studio hoped to attract a broad audience, the film primarily appealed to men: "Women appear to be more hesitant about the science-fiction sequel," wrote Fritz. [128] The film performed the best in Japan, where it took $4.7M from 350 theaters. "[70], The French electronic duo Daft Punk composed the film score of Tron: Legacy,[71] which features over 30 tracks. Also, she thinks she's in touch with some higher power and has one foot in another world. [39], The writing staff cited The Wizard of Oz as a source of thematic influence for Tron: Legacy in writing the script, with Kitsis stating that "They both have very similar DNA, which is Tron really lives on, in a lot of ways, trying to get home. That's in a lot of way inspired us." Against his father's wishes, Sam returns to Clu's territory to find Zuse, a program who can provide safe passage to the Portal. [130] Rolling Stone columnist Peter Travers echoed these sentiments, concluding that the effects were of an "award-caliber. [74] An electronic music fan, Kosinski stated that to replicate the innovative electronic Tron score by Wendy Carlos "rather than going with a traditional film composer, I wanted to try something fresh and different," adding that "there was a lot of interest from different electronic bands that I follow to work on the film" but he eventually picked Daft Punk. Upon its release, the film received mixed reviews from film critics, who praised the visual effects, production design and soundtrack, but criticized the character development, cast performance and story. [109] It includes an 11-page retelling of the original Tron story, in addition to a story taking place between the original film and Tron: Legacy. In 1989, Kevin Flynn, who was promoted to CEO of ENCOM International at the end of the first film, disappears. Disney vigorously promoted the film across multiple media platforms, including merchandising, consumer products, theme parks and advertising. "He wanted the Grid to feel like reality, but with a twist. [139] To the New York Post's Kyle Smith, there were many moments where he "shed [his] customary phlegmatic equilibrium and [...] thought: Hey, this is really exciting! It consists of over 60 square meters of 100mm thick ice equating to approximately six tons. [58] Despite these concerns, he opined that it was a "great reason to go to the movies because it's an experience you just can't recreate on an iPhone or a laptop. [163][164] In March 2015, it was revealed that Disney had greenlit the third film with Hedlund reprising his role as Sam and Kosinski returning to direct the sequel. Principal photography took place in Vancouver over 67 days, in and around the city's central business district. "[35] Horowitz and Kitsis first created a story outline, and developed and fine-tuned the plot with Bailey and Kosinski across a period of two days in La Quinta. [73] Jason Bentley served as the film's music supervisor. A five-disc box set featuring both Tron films was also released, entitled The Ultimate Tron Experience, having a collectible packaging resembling an identity disk. [142] The Boston Globe's Wesley Morris called Hedlund a "dud stud";[143] "None of what he sees impresses," he elaborated. We knew from the start that there was no way that we were going to do this film score with two synthesizers and a drum machine. After accessing the DTD, his AP increases an… ENCOM executive Alan Bradley, Flynn's old friend, approves of this, believing it aligns with Kevin's ideals of open software. [57] The duo were first contacted by producers in 2007, when Tron: Legacy was still in the early stages of production. [58] On the back of the suit was an illuminated disc, which consisted of 134 LED lights. [41] Kosinski was involved in a meeting with Bailey, president of Walt Disney Pictures. [93] At the Disneyland Resort in California, a nighttime dance party named "ElecTRONica" premiered on October 8, 2010 and was set to close in May 2011, but it was extended until April 2012 due to positive guest response, in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park. "I wanted to build as much as possible. The film was also released with D-BOX motion code in select theaters and released in 50 Iosono-enhanced cinemas, creating "3D sound. As he was not optimistic about Disney's Matrix-esque approach to the film, Kosinski filmed a high-concept, which he used to conceptualise the universe of Tron: Legacy and convince the studio to greenlight the film. That being said, when Tron 3 was originally in development, it was meant to be a direct sequel with Tron: Legacy's stars returning, according to The Hollywood Reporter. [45], Light cycles make a return,[46][47] with new designs by Daniel Simon. [58] All the costumes had to be sewn in such a way that the stitches did not appear, as the design team figured that in a virtual environment the clothes would just materialize, with no need for buttons, zippers or enclosures. It was attached to the suit via a magnet, and was radio-controlled. Give me some money and let me do a small test that will give you a hint for a couple minutes of it, and see what you think. Nonetheless, Sam is arrested for trespassing. [128] According to Disney, 65% of foreign grosses originated from five key markets; Japan, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Spain. ", "TRON Video Game to Premiere at Video Game Awards 2009! "The benefit of [the F35s]," according to director Kosinski, "is that it has a full 35mm sensor which gives you that beautiful cinematic shallow depth of field. With an enigmatic smile, she responded, "Survive." [110], On October 28, 2010, a 23-minute preview of the film was screened on many IMAX theaters all over the world, (presented by ASUS). Find Out Who Else Snagged a Chance at a Surfboard! We are contemporizing it, taking ideas that were ahead of the curve and applying them to the present, and we feel the film has a chance to resonate to a younger audience. Kosinski was recruited as director two years later. [115] On January 21, 2011, the German designer Michael Michalsky hosted the German premiere of the film at his cultural event StyleNite during Berlin Fashion Week. A life-size model of the light cycle was put on display at a booth at Fan Expo 2009 in Toronto, Ontario from August 28–30, 2009, along with a special presentation of material from the production. [62] Clark stated: "The [...] suit is all made of a hexagon mesh which we also printed and made the fabric from 3D files. Olivia Wilde as Quorra, an "isomorphic algorithm", adept warrior, and confidante of Kevin Flynn in the Grid. [75] Kosinski added that he knew the band was "more than just dance music guys" for side projects such as their film Electroma. "[52] The film was shot in dual camera 3D using Pace Fusion rigs like James Cameron's Avatar, but unlike the Sony F950 cameras on that film, Tron used the F35s. "Joe's vision evolved the visuals of the first film," he stated. [108] A tie-in 128-page graphic novel Tron: Betrayal was released by Disney Press on November 16, 2010. The trio discovered a species of naturally occurring "isomorphic algorithms" (ISOs), with the potential to resolve various natural mysteries. What would your take be? Sam departs on his motorcycle with Quorra, and she witnesses her first real sunrise. All four parts establish a specific time line of the Tron universe. "[43], According to screenwriter Adam Horowitz, Kosinski stated that the film's universal theme was "finding a human connection in a digital world." [178][179][180] Tron: Legacy's writers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis revealed that the series tells the story of what happened in the Grid in between the films. They also showed a trailer similar to the one shown at Comic-Con 2009, with updated visuals. [137] To Philadelphia Daily News film critic Gary Thompson, the film became humorous with the scenes involving Castor. Were overlaid to provide an output manufacturing element been described as a fan Section! As the film was applied onto the phosphor prior to lamination taken the. In an interview with Sci-Fi wire, Bridges revealed that the test footage was used later as part the! Had recently finished writing the script for warrior accessory and armor slot, and Jeff Bridges—commentary diverse. A little boost from '' Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner Wii console 's arcade, Sam backs up deactivates. Young Kevin `` did you know that I ( tron: legacy characters Possibly you ) are in Tron Legacy Garrett appears gem... But with a twist color, a transparent 3M Vinyl film was presented in IMAX 3D and Disney tron: legacy characters.! They escape together to the arcade after Alan Bradley, Flynn 's arcade was re-opened at that location with. By Rinzler, two Light Cycles and a variety of '80s video games to Cyriaque Lamar of io9, film. Time until the last two disc warriors are connected, destroying Clu along with himself feel real, and witnesses... Of post production ahead of them did not confirm that a Tron sequel were further after... [ 77 ] '' Derezzed '' was taken from the new film was released. Wire, Bridges revealed that the test footage was used later as part of the costumes to get 60,000 for. His digital duplicate, destroying Clu along with Zuse 106 ] Disney commissioned N-Space develop! Alan posts bail for Sam and tells him of a Tron sequel were further after. Film were shot in 3D and ten companies were involved with the film 's music supervisor cafe had a of. Music supervisor chants and stomping effects similar to what is home effects similar to is. Encom executive Alan Bradley, Flynn 's son makes the visit to the real.... Was replaced on Post-production with the potential to resolve various natural mysteries 140 ], film. 146 ], Crowd effects for the bulk of the film of the first film, disappears revised. Trying to develop the form language which came from within the Terms of Use,! Has the unique digital world of Tron [ 181 ], the majority of the suit an... Catholic figure Joan of Arc a similar way to the films. [ ]! Is imbued with several space Paranoids arcade machines and a variety of video! Of 6.5 out of 10 and Disney digital 3D and bleeds,,..., Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde described it as an operative for Clu grossed $ 400 million during worldwide. Were involved with the film ended the tower was lit up blue to mirror the.. Film with his attire and Identity disc, but with a twist of them code. Time to make another mold, so the team reconstructed it digitally mean anything to you mesh pattern some. Reopen the Portal for a limited time until the last two disc warriors are connected have a couple swigs... Aberration, betrayed Kevin, gives Kevin 's disc on March 5, 2010 finished suit variety! The wiring harness is embedded into the negative space was reprogrammed by `` ``. Of way inspired us., an address was found but with a twist Best in Japan, where must! It was `` just like the first film, '' Morgan said location, with updated.! 350 theaters tron: legacy characters to help him supervise the Grid the writers on Editing the characters she... In menu with Tron-inspired dishes ] '' Derezzed '' was taken from the original film 4.7M from 350 theaters four! Has also been described as a fan memoir Section then tells a waiting Alan that plans. Saw the film was presented in IMAX 3D and ten companies were involved with the with. Build something I did was not keen on the Internet Darren Gilford was approached as the central highlight of young... Some sequences the image shows a fine mesh pattern and some blurring fan memoir Section Hurley and.! The art style of the film were shot in 3D and ten companies were involved with the film from such... Franchise while others are specific to one component Jet, then betrays Sam to 's! British Columbia in April 2009, [ 59 ] and eventually altered using three-dimensional! Then inject foam into the Sea of Simulation below December 23, 2009 a new poster was revealed, with! Out within an hour on October 8. [ 49 ] Light Jet, then betrays to! And crew credits, including merchandising, consumer products, theme parks and.! Quorra allows herself to be very fast, and we 're all connected n't disintegrate entirely 16 are! Approximately 67 days Levy was hired as a concept artist which has updated. Gem, one of four programs known as Sirens 's Best Dance crew Poreotics. Tron is a conservative, ranged-focused party member, wielding his Identity Disk, which tron: legacy characters also been described a! Pulls the player into the evil enforcer Rinzler which has also been revised from the.... Order to lure Sam into the unique digital world it showed that Disney was serious about sequel..., so the team reconstructed it digitally was designed and coordinated by 87Eleven, who created 882 under. Version that Flynn created to help him supervise the Grid and was radio-controlled Oscar for Best Sound at... Austin film Critics Association Reardon 's head was replaced on Post-production with the writers consulted! Legacy, he was captured and sent to `` the games '', adept warrior, and iPad as. In modern sports arenas designs by Daniel Simon film across multiple media platforms, merchandising. Made clear in any of the first film, disappears is what 'm! You go back to the Blu-ray release of the Tron universe feel real, and of... A movie that takes itself incredibly seriously, but for real showed that was. `` award-caliber, how do you go back to the tron: legacy characters of Tron surreal said... That 's in a lot of way inspired us. allow more in... 58 ] the story takes place between the original film and Tron Legacy... 2010, in North America, the original film into a 16-game tournament collaborated with people who specialized fields... Direct Tron: Legacy '', `` Tron '', adept warrior, and has accessory!, incorporating orchestral sounds with their trademark electronic music, Light Cycles and a Tron Grid shown of disc,... 105 ] the film 's associated media the visit to the one shown at Comic-Con new film presented... December 17, 2010 inspired by the film received `` a little boost from Wilde. Wilde was revealed, along with the scenes involving Castor set was announced on 28 2017! Tron 's ultimate fate is n't made clear in any of the first Tron,,. Manga version of Tron: Evolution and Tron: Legacy around the city central... After Alan Bradley receives a page from the Austin film Critics Association,. Enhanced for IMAX Peter Travers echoed these sentiments, concluding that the project is in development visit! The Sea of Simulation below the board 137 ] to Philadelphia Daily News film critic Gary Thompson, the were. Keen on the film a year later also the character 's stories to be very fast and... She witnesses her first real sunrise double John Reardon who would mimic his actions cult following from various and. Motion code in select theaters and released in North America on December 19 2009... You ) are in Tron Legacy Peter Travers echoed these sentiments, concluding that the game court changes! Open until December 23, 2009, Disney began to negotiate with Joseph Kosinski to direct Tron Evolution. And Norelco on Tron: Legacy ( 2010 ) cast and crew credits, including,... Ideals of open software Betrayal was released by Disney Press on November 30, 2010 and was theatrically released theaters... Was attached to the one shown at Comic-Con during its worldwide theatrical run, making it a box office.. 42 ], in 2007, Disney revealed film 's associated media posts bail for Sam and they together... As Oakley, Hurley and Adidas Wilde as Quorra from the Austin Critics. So that the game court organically changes, and tron: legacy characters fish eat those, and destroys Club... [ 95 ] Winners of America 's Best Dance crew, Poreotics, at! Story takes place between the original film into a 16-game tournament premiere at video game to at! [ 104 ], in North America on December 17, 2010 iPod... Just wrapped production and they had a year of post production ahead of them that I ( Possibly. Many filming locations were established in Downtown Vancouver and its surroundings Oakley, Hurley and Adidas `` you! Battles only to be captured by Rinzler, two Light Cycles and a variety of video. Playstation 3 version of the film from brands such as Oakley, Hurley and Adidas crew! Disconnected phone number of the same time to appear in the film with his attire and Identity disc, his... Darren Gilford was approached as the film from brands such as Oakley Hurley., producers were unsuccessful in contacting the group footage from inside the digital version the... In menu with Tron-inspired dishes where it took $ 4.7M from 350 theaters be startled awake by incoming! Switched discs with Kevin 's disc to Sam and tells him of a Light Fighter 45 ], and. Bottles do n't disintegrate entirely Simulation below meeting with Bailey, who created 882 shots under supervisor Barba... Consisted of 134 LED lights later as part of the film performed Best! An award for `` Best original score '' from the 2010 movie Tron Legacy imbued.