My mom has cancer and couldn't take care of all the puppies, so I helped her find homes and I ended up taking one. According to the Samoyed Club of Lithuania, a Furminator should never be used. If this is a longhaired cat get a COMB - not a brush - and comb the coat every other day to remove the loose hair. Sometimes it may be a nutrition issue, or a health problem. Be sure your dog's coat is dry. The FURminator is a sharp tool and can cut the skin of your husky if you don’t use it carefully. Like I said, we've been to the vet! The Furminator is a great tool to help with shedding dogs. It’s not the only shampoo brand that you can use for deShedding but as I stated earlier it’s the only solution that’s all natural. It can be abrasive against the skin so only use it a maximum of twice per week. Pet size Get your answers by asking now. I've seen that the FURminator is highly recommended for shedding pets, but I'm wondering if it's ok to use on a 7 week old puppy? I got my first Lab at 10 weeks and he shed like crazy. A treat may help with this. In fact, at that age you should be taking it in for shots and deworming anyway to keep it healthy so that would be a good time to talk to your vet. How does it work? CHECK FOR BEST PRICE During heavy shedding seasons, like spring and fall, you may have to de-shed more frequently and you may get impressive piles of hair each time. For this example, let's say you're using our first rated best deshedding tool for dogs from Furminator (you can use … Because a husky has 2 layers of fur, one being the outer coat that shines and the undercoat that really helps protect it from the elements. Maybe all the excitement and transition as well? While marketed towards dogs and cats, you can technically use the FURminator on any pet with an undercoat. Yes, use the FURminator. I love it and now both my dogs love it. You want to use even strokes with slow motion to remove as much fur you as you can while being as gentle as possible. A 7 week old puppy should not be shedding to that extent. Same for my second Lab. Also, work on the back of his head in long gentle strokes. If this is a shorthaired cat get a good quality slicker brush and brush the coat at least once a week. If you use this brush regularly, you can reduce shedding by up to 90 percent. Well we didn't get him from a breeder, but it's what we started him out on, so he's always been eating it. You risk hitting the skin more often and causing irritation. Thereof, should you brush dogs wet or dry? There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with him! The FURminator is my favorite grooming tool ever! It does NOT hurt puppies though. Be sure all of your dog's fur, including his undercoat, is well dried before using the FURminator. Just be very very gentle, and do a little at a time. If it's not, what are other suggestions for controlling the shedding? It reaches down to your Labrador topcoat and efficiently removes the loose hair. The Furminator is pretty ineffective on a short haired single coated dog. Well, this is a brilliant idea, but – some dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners, plus the hair is very thick and it’s difficult to suck it in. The FURminator is a brush tool made of plastic and metal made to pull loose fur out of your dog’s coat. My FURst Ultra Premium Puppy Shampoo's blend of high quality ingredients is safe and gentle to use on puppy's delicate skin. Does it translate that when in Rome you eat pasta so when in China you eat dog. Use the FURminator® Adjustable Dematter Tool only as directed. There is no undercoat there and you may hurt his skin with the metal bristles on his underside. How is owning pets any different then slavery ? Yes, you can use a FURminator on a Goldendoodle. Starting at your dog's neck, brush with long strokes down his back and sides. Don’t use the FURminator excessively in one area. How do you think about the answers? Don't use the FURminator right after a bath. If you stop using it now and she is still itchy after a few days, consult the vet in case there is something else going on. Thus the hair will be partially sucked into it. However, if you have a mixed pack (like I do), you're going to have to buy each dog his own FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool. It works best on dogs that are either fully double coated (ie German Shepherd Dogs, Australian Shepherds etc) or carry heavy seasonal undercoats (ie Labs) or medium and long haired cats. In between the seasonal changes where your dog may be blowing his coat, the FURminator will likely get more fur loose and off of your dog before he drops it all over your house. Use long gentle strokes. Furminator markets as no more hair on your carpet. The FURminator deshedding tool can be used on short haired dogs and cats too. Sasha, Max, and I are running around enjoying the holiday season! I suffer from mild asthma and could not give up my love for dogs, horses, cats. Yes Labs do shed like crazy, I have one now and have had them in the past. It could be diet or stress. Actually the Furminator is FAR too harsh to use on delicate cat fur. Matted fur can be cause severe discomfort for pets and become increasingly difficult to remove if left unchecked. Don’t every use a Furminator on a wet dog, that will only tug and rip at the coat. That is, don’t go from tail to head. You have to be gentle when using a furminator, and it's not for everyday use. I would discontinue using it. A FURminator works best with long strokes. My mom found a stray lab (they live out in the country) and it was pregnant. Always brush in the direction the fur grows from head to tail. Roll your dog to one side and brush in the direction the fur grows along his side and stomach. I would continue to feed him a high-quality puppy food, try the FURminator, but if it doesn't help...make sure you bring it up with your vet when he gets his next shots. Are there any breeds for which the FURminator is not recommended? We feed him Natural Balance. Our clothes, our floors, EVERYTHING! The FURminator deShedding tools for dogs are used by both professional groomers and dog owners alike. However, if you brush your dog with the FURminator DeShedding tool for 15 minutes, you will have a pile of dog fur that is virtually the size of your dog. At first it was what the heck and not happy. Each time I use FURminator it pulls out heaps of fine hair, which looks more like new growth than "dead" hair. Shedding can be overwhelming at first, but once you get control of it, it becomes more managable. The vast majority of FURminators are designed for use on dogs, but you can also find some FURminators for cats. You can use it on a puppy, however, your 7 week old pup shouldn't be shedding that much. Don't brush your dog's fur from tail to head or bottom to top. Pulling against the grain can hurt your dog. It can be used as a regular shampoo if you have a dog that has a long, thick or double coat like Huskies. FURminators come in various sizes for different sized dogs as well as different fur types. Don't use the FURminator right after a bath. For best results, use the FURminator once or twice weekly for sessions of around 10 to 20 minutes. Good luck! It may be SAFE, it is just a brush to help eliminate all that loose fur, but the real question should be "why is the puppy shedding?". Regular grooming with the FURminator will help prevent shedding because it pulls out fur other brushes do not. You'll find it at Petco. If your dog loves to be brushed, he will love BE CAREFUL!! Now I just have dogs, 1 GS and 1 Labrador. love while you groom him. Be sure all of your dog's fur, including his undercoat, is well dried before using the FURminator. the blades can be a bit tough to work with without scratching their scalp if your'e not careful. You can use it on him, but you should be asking yourself why a puppy so young (probably too young for you to have him) is shedding that much. Go gently thru the fur, don't rake it they with abandon, etc. If this is the first time using a FURminator then it will likely pull out more fur than when you use it again. Be sure while you are brushing your dog with a FURminator that you are pulling excess fur out of the FURminator after every few strokes. Using a good conditioner, whether it’s the Furminator brand or some other high quality one, will help to reduce the tearing or shredding that many people notice when Furminating their dogs’ coats. Be careful of the sensitive skin on his stomach and don't push too hard; you don't want to cause any scratching. I did it and my pups were just fine. Always angle the FURminator and brush from head to tail including your dog's stomach in the same direction the fur is growing. This will not hurt the pup. But the worst shedding happens when the weather warms up, like summer. It is also important not to spend too much time on one area as you may cause irritation on the skin. Go over the same area several times as the FURminator will pull some fur out at first, and each pass will pull out more fur. Are Pitbulls dangerous dogs or is this a myth? You should not use the Furminator on your husky as the every day brush. If he's apprehensive Dog owners agree that it’s a great tool when the dog is full grown has both its coats in. I recommend that you use the de-shedding tool twice a month for about ten to twenty minutes. One other suggestion is after you use it, bathe him and scrub to loosen any other dead hair. Overuse isn't good for the dog's coat, and they usually work best on dogs with long or thick coats. The Dematter tool can prevent mats from becoming worse and remove them completely. Why? Be sure to clean out the FURminator as your groom to avoid clogging the tool. It IS usually used on adults though. It's not necessarily important as a shedding tool when they're pups, but it helps to get them acquainted with it so they won't balk when you use it. You can sign in to vote the answer. The FURminator is a perfect tool for year-round use, but especially for the times of year your dog sheds the most. I wouldn't use it at all until your puppy is old enough to really start shedding, and a regular dog brush may work just as well if your dog is short coated. At first I looked at the price and said no no. Some breeds have coat textures that vary between individual dogs. What's more, FURminator says that its deshedding tools are suitable for use on any animal with an undercoat. So I discussed with my partner and went we purchaced it. The FURejector® button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. A. Affenpinscher Afghan Hound Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Klee Kai Alaskan Malamute American Bulldog* American Eskimo Dog Plus, using the Furminator could damage the protection the coat offers your dog from both the cold and the sun. For Large, Short Haired Dogs. this tool just as much as any other tool, if not more. Use the FURminator on a dry coat to pull out excess fur that is close to dropping or blowing on its own. Natural Balance is a very good food. It is used on dogs but it can be also applied to cats. My dog gets angry and tries to ‘protect’ me every time my boyfriend slaps my butt. You should use an undercoat rake first for around 10-20 minutes once a week and pin brush 2-4 times a week. Be sure you get the right size and style for your dog's type and size. You really shouldn’t use the FURminator on your dog’s soft belly and chest fur. (I think there's a thread somewhere on here I read when I first joined that discussed the pros and cons of the furminator.) Then once he is dry, brush him again. One other suggestion is after you use it, bathe him and scrub to loosen any other … This is normal if this is a new tool for your dog’s coat. The above poster is correct, my 12 week old Newfie didn't even shed at all. The non-drying formula is ph balanced for puppies. Mom was taking feeding the mom dog while she was nursing but she disappeared and left the puppies at my mom's house. It’s designed to reach your pet’s undercoat without causing pain. What are you doing with a 7 week old puppy?! Don’t apply a lot of pressure to the FURminator. Still have questions? Regular brushing may help & a stable diet. Mini Huskies and Siberian Huskies and other furry dog breeds really need a furminator to reduce their shedding by close to 90%. I started then to be gentle and now months later the dogs can't wait to be brushed. Be careful when pulling knots and tangles so you do not bend any of the tines of the FURminator. Starr is a real beauty! Yes, use the FURminator. You CAN over furminate! The GS as you know constantly sheds and the office and home was thick with GS hair and now it has reduced by 75% because I use the Furminator.