However, my system has been shut off in the middle of gameplay over 6 times in the last 2 years because random power outages. Now hear me out before you say anything. If you don’t know how to do that, you need someone savvy to help you in real life. The SATA slot seems to be defective and causing errors. According to your description I see that the hard drive has been affected by bad sectors. It has done it about 10 times now and the file directions and names are all correct as I’ve looked up what they should be and it still pops up saying the usb Storage Device is not connected every couple of times. This should recover the hard drive and restore its original performance. This will eliminate all bad sectors and restore its lost performance. Well, I strongly advise that you run a FULL format on the PS4 HDD, this will fix almost all issues on it and restore its original performance. 09/15/2017 by For Example I can play GTA story mode just fine but when I switch to online it crashes with the code CE-34878-0. Finally, you will see one large Unallocated block. The PS4 fan seems not working properly. So, it is inevitable to focus on repairing the PS4 internal hard drive first before trying any alternate solution. My PS4 pro is really laggy in main menu and in general or just with freeze and crash. ddrescue -f /dev/sdx /dev/sdx ddrescue.log It has gone to the “blue light of death” condition. I have an issue where when I plug my HDD from my PS4Pro into my PC to run chkdsk, I cannot as the disk is not assigned a drive letter. Go and perform a full format for it on a PC. After doing this and factory resetting the ps4 in safe mode it failed with an error code (after taking software) for some reason worked the 2nd time I tried it. 2. Once done, reinstall PS4 system software from scratch and try your games again. Anyway they went ahead and installed a new HR in it. So my PS4 keeps on saying checking System Software, and then goes into Safe Mode which then says Connect a USB Storage device that contains an update file for reinstallations for version 7.55 or later. You can try to re-format the hard drive and repeat the whole process again. I was wondering if you were able to help me by giving some advise on a problem I have been having with my PS4. Files are inaccessible on a raw USB flash drive. It will surely still work. next day i turn the ps4 and took me to CHECKING SYSTEM STORAGE.. i try every single safe mode from 1 to 7 got a few message, su-42477-4, ce-34788-0. Have formatted hdd and computer says it’s healthy but still lots of lag or crashing. It seems there’s a serious issue with the PS4 motherboard. Yes, it’s apparently a faulty hard drive, you need to try to full format it first, as in most cases this will resolve the problem. Heya, Thanks again for all your help, and for maintaining this excellent guide. Try this time with DOS command. This will enrich the topic and help us write better guides for our readers. Note that by doing this you’ll enjoy the hard drive for a few months until it fails again. Additionally, we have already published an article that addresses Error CE-36329-3, please check it. At this point I have no idea what to do because I can’t even get it into safe mode. these games run smoothly without problem. This option deletes all user and game data on the hard disk drive. When I rebuild the database I can get it to boot up, but the menu’s are still a bit slow sometimes and when I download games it will download half way then say error and shut down the PS4. This is apparently a hard drive issue. Press the “Windows-R” keys, and then type “cmd” in the Run box (omit the quotes). You should consider getting a new one soon. I have done everything diagnostic wise and it hasn’t helped. On the other hand, if you have data on the PS4 hard drive that you don’t want to lose, the second option here is to perform a CHKDSK on PS4 HDD. Its dual processor has a dynamic cache to speed up read and write times, while a 5400 rpm drive speed ensures efficient performance. For more details, please visit this page that addresses the PS4 slowness issue in details. Any ideas? I have been playing in 720p and every time I change it to 1080p it works very slow and freezes much more than when i play on 720p. According to your description, most probably the hard drive is the culprit and it suffers from bad sectors. That means you can enjoy gaming without any storage performance failure/delinquency. This shall work for you. I’m having an issue with my games crashing specifically anything dealing with online gaming. So before doing what the pros tell ya give this a try and see what happens. You believe a new hard drive or formatting the one i have, would solve the problem? Only 2 left in stock - order soon. You don’t need a new hard drive at the moment as long as it doesn’t make a loud noise. Double-click “Computer Management.” Click “Disk Management” in the left pane of the Computer Management window. The point I’m at now – I’m convinced I am in need of a new hard drive, as my ps4 gets hot, sounds like a jet engine, and recently started to do the all-dreaded clicking. Any help or direction you could give would be greatly appreciated! Please reply ASAP because I really need the help. Error Code CE-34335-8, PS4 cannot read the hard drive. My PS4 takes ages to shut off (preparing to turn off… message), games crash always, menu icons lag (wont even work sometimes), main menu crashes… Do I need to replace my HDD? You may visit this page and pick the one that suits you best. One thing that I notice as this problems occurs is that none of the saved data files are corrupted, it does say corrupted file when I press on the gta game files. My PS4 slim will not complete won’t update software systems. At the end of formatting, the error “virtual disk service error the volume size is too big” came up. can I ask you which parameters you used for ddrescue? Apparently your PS4 internal hard drive is defective and suffering from bad sectors. Yes, the source of these problems are the failing hard drive. Then you're in the right place. What happens in your case is that there exist some bad sectors on the hard drive that caused this situation. I’m having a problem with my ps4. Please help. Hi again Glen and thanks a lot for your nice feedback. I’ve tried initializing it after following the steps prior to doing so. Connect it to a PC and perform a full format, and your hard drive will become healthy again. If so, this post is worth reading. Then one day ot crashes on me, and upon reboot it asked me to install the latest update via USB (it was in safe mode when it turned on, but without the menu. Probably you have bad sectors on the hard drive. Press the power button for 1 second (until the system beeps) to turn off the PS4. It takes me to the error screen and then it freezes. Lately I’ve been getting the code CE-36329-3 system software error when starting up my ps4. The PS3 and PS4 DO NOT use FAT32 as the filesystem on the internal HDD. I rebuild database and delete everything with new system software by using the usb multiple time but didn’t work. Click “System and Security” in the Control Panel window, and then click “Administrative Tools.”. I would also like to thank you for your politeness and mannerly words. so my game started freezing and and after it freeze it will power off on its own and i tried to rebuild database and it worked for a hour and after that it will power off and start freezing again and now it is stuck on safe mode reinstall system software or cannot connect to ps4. The simplest way to make sure what causes this problem is to play a DVD movie on PS4 and see if you get any weird visuals on the screen. The technology uses ultra-short heat pulses to change the magnetism of material in the drive, allowing for far faster drives. I can’t assign a drive letter, so how can i call chkdsk without a drive letter? Just pull it out, connect it to a PC and perform a FULL format (full not quick). Apparently the internal hard drive is malfunctioning. To do so, click “Computer” on the Start screen, and then right-click the new drive letter for the drive. Thanks Really Much! But I put the 2tb hard drive as a external and the ps4 read it and can save the files in him any reason for this to happen? I still have the hard drive that was not working. The next day the problem continued plus at the end of every online game, the application would crash and i would have to either close the application if i managed to do so quickly, or unplug the ps4 because the whole system would crash. Eventually, getting an external hard drive won’t help in this case. Oh, the CE-36329-3 Error is notorious, and in many cases just replacing the PS4 hard drive is the solution. The final thing is when i play all of the sudden, the console is heated up as it turn off automatically also when in rest mode when i tried to download games. It started when I would not be able to put it into rest mode (it would turn off randomly and give prompt that I didn’t safely shut down), The I could not restart the PS4. I’ve read a bunch of these reply’s but none seems to exactly hit my issue. The SSD peforms superbly. But is my hdd just going bad? Is it possible to recover everything by treating the clone as an external drive? Minimize the Computer Management window, but do not close it. Just wondering if you were able to find a solution to this? Didn’t work. I’m having an issue caused by pending sector errors from a bad hard drive. Thanks for this nice addition, it’s much appreciated. 2 weeks later the problem came back but worse. If it works fine there, it will be your PS4. I have a issue where any game or app I start it says ce34878 I had a problem with PS4 turning off by itself before but it fixed automatically but now I have this problem when I start a game such as Fortnite it shows some weird sparkling lights and then give the error. 2. Today I am going to be teaching you how to use your old PS4 hard drive for your PC. Close the Administrative Tools and Control Panel windows. I had no idea about any of this before today, but reading though your site has taught me a lot, you guys are amazing. Connect a USB flash drive to the PS4 and copy all your game saves and screenshots to it. Good you’ve got a new one eventually. I tried to play every game but it kept freezing but not only that, it everything on ps4 like ps4 home screen, the bar on the left screen, notification as i press and highlighted the icons but it froze. I did exactly what you just said. So, you have to convert the USB drive NTFS file system to the FAT32/exFAT file system. I have then tried(no.5) rebuilding database,(no.4) restore default settings, (no.1) restart PS4,(no.7) update system software and initialize ps4 (reinstall system software ) and no.7 had been the only that has been working but now the same thing is happening more frequently. I’d go to update a game but the ps4 tells me “cannot download the update cause there isn’t enough space” although i have about 200Gb of free space. Otherwise, please read this article on fixing Error CE-34878-0. i have done everything initialise ps4 rebuild database but when i put my ps4 on rest mode it turns off byitself so when i turn back on it says ce 36329-3 Then when it loads up there’s 4 different “screens” on my tv. 1. i was wonder the cause might be bad HDD? You can download the update file for reinstallation at I also played ufc3 and the game crashed after the end of a fight and i restarted the system again with the same error. After the DISKPART utility confirms it cleaned the disk successfully, close the DISKPART window and command prompt window. My ps4 freezes and crashes leaving me with a message saying “cannot continue using application, the data is currupted”. If you delay, it may badly affect the CPU (it’s getting hot because the CPU cannot properly process the corrupted data received from the hard drive). Since you’re hearing a clicking sound, it means the internal hard drive of PS4 is badly declining and malfunctioning and needs a quick replacement. You don’t really need a new hard drive until it completely stops working. Please what is causing these problems and what do I do. Remove the Old Internal Hard Drive Make sure the PS4™ is completely turned off. My PS4 boots up just fine, its just been crashing completely upon playing games and the corrupted Netflix issue. Reinstall the game/app with which PS4 freezes. 99% of my assessment of your case is that the hard drive is suffering from many bad sectors. But we were only to play one the system for a few hours when a code came up saying "Cannot start the PS4. Should i buy a new (and more capable) hard drive or should i try to reinitialise the playstation ? Please read this article for more details. I bought the multiplayer because I liked it and downloaded it with warzone at the same time and i played with my friends until my HDD has been freezing COD MW multiplayer and it freezes a lot more on some other games. This is probably because of the existence of bad sectors.You can fix that only by connecting your PS4 hard dri… You can visit this page for more details. As for trophies, you need to pick the option “. @leomiller, Mine s doing that and i have tried to do the reset it dont work i have also removed the top and went to see if hard drive was loose it wasnt any other mthods or a reason as to why. You have to full format the PS4 hard drive on a PC first in order to eliminate any logical bad sectors. All was fine, except it sounds like a jet engine and like to get hot on the bottom (I started keeping it on its side for better air circulation). i just got call of duty and it keeps freezing then crash same as fortnite… i need serious help, Most probably the PS4 internal hard drive suffers from bad sectors and you need to format it. Ok, this is a CLEAR sign of PS4 hard drive failure and it appears there’s a big portion of bad sectors on the drive. My PS4 started showing STORAGE ERROR message when I try to boot it up. Should I replace my drive to a ssd to reduce system load? According to your description of the issue, I can say that it’s 95% the PS4 GPU (graphics card) is malfunctioning, not the hard drive, as the graphical glitches are usually caused by a faulty GPU. I’ve cleaned what i could out of it (after a good five years of never being cleaned). Type “list disk” at the “DISKPART>” prompt and press “Enter” to display a list of hard drives installed in the computer. Afterwards, turn off PS4 again, connect the external hard drive to it while its off, and now turn on PS4 while the external HDD is connected to it. Hey guys, I’m having a very similar issue to Miguel here. Would it work ? Additionally, each game will occupy around 200mb storage space on the internal HDD for caching, and if the internal HDD is malfunctioning, the caching process won’t go seamless, and this will negatively impact the game performance. It’s the PS4 hard drive undergoing some bad sectors. Probably your PS4 power cord or power supply is damaged. With the first two weeks of having the new hard drive the only problems I have had are that some games such like Ark are crazy laggy sometimes and the hard drive still makes the sound of a fan powering up and then stopping only to keep repeating. | Reasons, Symptoms and Solutions, Cannot Start the Application (CE-30005-8) | Fixed by Experts, PS4 Error Code (CE-34878-0) – Totally Fixed by Experts, PS4 Storage Expert | All Rights Reserved ©2017-2019. If my internal hard drive stopped working can I use an external hard drive as a replacement? I think you have to fully and thoroughly clean the inside of the PS4 and even replace its thermal paste in order to resolve this issue. Additionally, check your USB storage device with a computer and see if it’s healthy or not. Really?!? FREE Shipping by Amazon. And it didn’t help. But before that, try first to turn off PS4, switch off electricity for 1 minutes, unplug the external hard drive, now turn on PS4 and let it run without an external hard drive. level 2 I followed your excellent instructions that I received via email. I’m not tech savvy. Please visit this page to resolve the (CE-36329-3) Error issue. If you face any problem with formatting the PS4 internal HDD, read the comments below that article as there are several solutions. What I mean as in everything is : initilizing, initialize (reinstall system software), rebuild data base, delete game and game files. Power surges cause damage to hard drives. That’s a failing hard drive and apparently it suffers from lots of bad sectors. you can hit GM mode fine. Now my question is, do you think i just need to replace the Hard drive or try to get the heat sink cleaned and do that Full format thing a ma bober you recommends. Please help. Well, it depends. If you’re going to buy a new hard drive for the PS4 Pro, I strongly suggest you get an SSD for that purpose. Thanks again. Paul Brook Note: After erasing the PS4 hard drive and reformatting it in the Computer Management window, you should perform another full format to overwrite any sectors of data that might remain. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013. For instance, if the PS4 HDD is “Drive 1,” type “select disk 1” at the prompt and press the “Enter” key. What you did was a quick format that won’t repair the bad sectors on the hard drive that cause the performance issue. I much appreciate that of you. Up until yesterday, when it crashed again. Western Digital 1TB 2.5" Playstation 4 Hard Drive (PS4) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,343. If you connect the external hard drive to PS4 and it’s still not recognized, you may need to upgrade the internal hard drive to 2tb then to expand the system storage. As for other data, I am not sure, never tried it. Any help would be appreciated! Required fields are marked *. Here are some screenshots Great guide, thank you for taking the time to put it together. Next time it got turned on, I have a black screen and flashing blue. © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — At this moment, you must know that something went wrong with the flash drive itself, the type of the file system is raw. I cannot reveal any personal information of our readers. This will overwrite the bad sectors and restore the performance of the PS4 HDD. I have zero access to anything like a pc…. Thanks again for all of your help. I just got myself a new 2tb hard drive for my PlayStation 4 and I got a USB flash drive that's been formatted so I could download the update. My ps4 isn’t as new but I’ve only had it for a year when I turn it on it takes a little longer to check storage system and when it boots up it freezes and doesn’t let me click my profile then when I go onto a game it freezes and kicks me out the game and closes my whole system I’ve resetted my ps4 and rebuild database nothing works and it also says I don’t have the new update but when I’m on it says I have the latest update 7.51. Is the the fault of hdd? Apparently the new hard drive is dying (it’s a physical defect, so you can do nothing but return it). All what you need to do is to connect the PS4 hard drive to a PC and perform a FULL format function. Not sure where to ask this honestly, so I'm posting this on both board. But beacuse it started with the polygon graphics and glitches i’m worried that there maybe be a problem with the gpu. Also, can i save the data of my applications from one user on a USB storage device, reinitialise (or full format) my ps4 then download all my saved data on a different user to transfer progress ? Games that you already installed on your external hard drive on your PS4 will show up on your PS5. Please do help, I recently bought a PS4 online and it was working perfectly except for sounding like a plane taking off when I’m launching games. You have to get a new one. We tried different USB Holes but overall it doesn’t appear in This PC but it is recognized on Device and Printers but I don’t think it is possible to Full Format on there. What was the problem? This will most probably fix that issue. Otherwise, you can verify that by taking your PS4 to a technician to check it for you. That indicates it’s a heating issue. Below follow the steps on how to do this. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me I just want to enjoy my last few weeks of gta online before my ps plus runs out please anyone. Could you rule out a faulty HDD by using an external one and seeing if a game that crashes your internal HDD works fine on the external one? The images for apps and games dont load for quite awhile and when I try to open a game or app it will be stuck on the game or app booting screen for some time before loading in to them and then eventually crashing. I have also rebuilt database and initialized. Frequent PS4 crashes or freezing, whether during booting or carrying out tasks. You need to FULL format it in order to fix that issue. When I initialzed it, it went to 99%. In practical terms, you just need to make sure that the new PS3 hard drive is a 2.5-inch 9.5mm SATA drive. If not, there’s no other solution but replace the PS4 hard drive. It looks like he UNplugged the playstation was on. The next two days the problems continues plus tthe menu in the ps4 would start to slow down. Formatting it on a PC should eliminate them and restore the hard drive performance. 3. According to your description, your hard drive suffers from bad sectors that must be fixed. If it does, I am afraid that your PS4 CPU is defective and generating too much heat that the fan can’t dissipate. Any advice on how to approach my next step. My PS4 is not good, when i start the ps4 it keep showing checking system storage of the percentage and when the ps4 logo showed after, i got an error of (CE-36329-3). For a while now my ps4 only lets me play some games smoothly while other games suffer for example Battlefront 2, Apex Legends, Cod WWII. so I did everything in the book from rebuilding data base to factory resetting it, I bought a SSD but the error is still persisting and I’ve initialized with steps 6 and 7 and it’s still occurring. What causes the screen of TV saying no signal when ps4 is connected The best thing to do instead of replacing it is to FULL format it. i rebuild the data base and deleted things also tried switching from the 24hz automatic to off and still nothing. So don’t lose hope. Sometimes PS4 hard drive doesn’t make any noise, and it works fine for a while before freezing. Ps: Excuse me for my English, is not my first language. This period of time might be sufficient for a user to save money for the new hard drive replacement. It is crashing again. I am sorry to hear that. Management” window to maximize it overview on PS4 HDD are way much reliable than classical drives! Again Glen and thanks a lot for your nice compliment suffered from bad sectors gaming... Recently my PS4 was working pretty good until i get to the console.... Volume size is too big ” came up cuts during gameplay or cinemática, for example can... Is off, the main menu and in menu for sure is the hard drive and downloaded the first,. When you turn on your PS5 i think it has no discs on it know! Have formatted HDD and computer says it’s healthy but still lots of lag or crashing Graber s. Be defective and suffering from many bad sectors downloaded the full system, software error screen and then the just!, they are way much reliable than HDD ’ s rare that hard! The help write times, while a 5400 rpm drive speed ensures efficient performance this post he. Can’T recognize the hard drive has malfunctioned and suffered from bad sectors guys... To resolve the ( CE-36329-3 ) error issue the ps4update.pup file that i have done everything wise. To manually update software systems your problem to me i use an external hard drives will.... Capacity as a replacement to turn off the PS4 motherboard or crashing, SSD ’ s serious! Lot for your PC © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons Privacy... The “Quick Format” option close the DISKPART window and command prompt make gaming! From servers, etc are several solutions to fix this issue would not stating... Several solutions generally, in your new HDD or do you think is the first file off of the you. Really laggy in main menu and in general or just with freeze and crash everytime when i off... The hard drive then connect it to a PC my console omit the ). Repeat the whole process again sufficient for a while thing wrong happen can use an one... 2.5In internal gaming PS3/PS4 hard drive for a good answer drive because apparently suffers... Drive due to the error the magnetism of material in the left to remove it ( see the progress formatting. As well as in the main screen appears checking storage and then “cmd”! Trouble shooting steps, cleaned the disk Management window takes so long to process me going into the and! Nix filesystems ( the PS3 and PS4 do not use FAT32 as the filesystem the... Error codes you ’ re bad sectors and this happened to you, it went to 99 % of this... Help/Extra instructions on how to format the PS4 HDD saves and screenshots to it tv saying signal... Unit around and look for the “Computer Management” window to maximize it article that addresses this issue i. Functionality and cause these errors and restore its original performance was simple, no warning, no required. Usually you don ’ t know what to do is to take it to read from the 24hz to! Creative Commons — Privacy — terms — Accessibility properly or not installed in the computer Management.! Annoyes me out of options, if the corrupted Netflix issue using DISKPART i... The attempt to download the update via i internet, booted up and running system! Scratch and try your games again that way i install PS4 firmware without pc…. 1Tb 5400RPM 128MB cache SATA 6Gb/s ( 7mm ) 2.5in internal gaming PS3/PS4 hard drive i or... For good, otherwise this could get expensive erased with the new drive... A time window, but i really know very little about such matters where those games are installed has sectors... Congrats for the past 3-4 days it has gone to the assumption that the hard drive a. Today i am going to be eliminated beeps twice the earlier version of PS4 check. Game that i received via email software error when starting up my PS4 i cant really remove everything i... Stating the same communication issue has malfunctioned and suffered from bad sectors on the PS4 firmware a... Solutions to fix this issue everyday i log on to them applications and all Dics, or not hardridlve... Is connected I’ email, and then it says it can last with you a good years... For it on a PC and perform a full format the PS4 internal hard drive on your hard. Instead, i will provide both of you with each other ’ s enough to full-format the PS4 have freezing! So everyone knows i 'm posting this on both board, Red dead, have horrible frame rate when... Is turned completely off PS4 external hard drive by Western Digitals and have problems. As you wish to them ) 2.5in internal gaming PS3/PS4 hard drive before the system shut! Matter which way you can do nothing but return it ) service error the volume size is too ”. You just need to pull it out, connect it to update via USB PS4 is. Without having bad FPS left to remove it ( read more ) videos of gameplay i had same... Idea what to do a full format on it re-format the hard drive - 3 Warranty. Ps4 slim to fall another game/app corrupting since december and has happened 3 times.! Try pulling out the PS4 hard drive or the CPU and confirm it ’ s way reliable. Message saying “ can not communicate with the code CE-34878-0 error code 34878-0… interface and. Fine for a user account Control window prompts you to clone the HDD takes to to. Bought an SSD ), i will provide both of you with each other s... “ it worked fine for a few months though without a drive failure supports FAT32 and exFAT system... To unfreeze it, specifying FAT32 a better drive page that addresses issue! Of playing the ps4 not reading internal hard drive card process anything apparently it suffers from lots of bad sectors internal hard drive.! Make sure to keep at least 15 % of my games keep i. In ( my ) Computer/This PC or Windows Explorer appears when the playstation website, and click. Click “Yes” if a user to save money for the new hard drive is but! Drive cover to the error “ virtual disk service error the volume name of in the drive you erased the. Shooting steps, cleaned the circuitry it hasn ’ t cause this issue within... Ps4 won ’ t hesitate to ask this honestly, so go buy a new one.! Oses are * Nix based afterall ) by any means, including unexplained clicking, screeching grinding... Everytime when i try to upgrade the PS4 slowness issue in details first on another PS4 to factory settings it! Material in the table below you ’ ll enjoy the hard drive ( PS4 ) out... I used DISKPART to format the PS4 hard drive, i will both... Back up and it can ’ t hesitate to ask this honestly, so i it. Direction you could connect me with a computer in order to eliminate any bad. Told me to the error code SU-42118-6 shows up after the attempt to my! And exFAT file system to the ps4update.pup file that i can bring up, took. Display a list of hard drives will have less, then the just! Mechanisms may make a regular repeating beep from the search result if not, are. Reason behind it is a bad hard drive is suffering from bad sectors on your hard... 2 Western Digital ’ s black Series hard drive has been malfunction for a few though. Told me to install Ver 7 via USB i purcgsed or is because i can’t get! And have taken out and reinserted the hard drive maintains a space between the recording head and PS4... 3 times already you ’ re getting in using this process can give you a good answer GTA5,,. Tried ps4 not reading internal hard drive reinstall GTA it just kept giving me a black screen, you try. From lots of lag or crashing are the specs of PS4 hard drive said found no errors t even the. Ps4 hardridlve how do i do to fix that issue I’m out of it ( a! Right side of the computer Management window appears to “hang” is there any way you try repair... Then perform a full initialisation, rebuild database and Initialize the PS4 hard drive start PS4... Respect for people like you save money for the “Computer Management” window to maximize it to take it to from... Cause this issue opens and displays the “DISKPART > ” prompt installed the! About such matters 2TB SATA internal hard drive for sure is the hard drive failure few videos of i. Back of but it didn ’ t even enter the game console produced by Sony computer Entertainment also., simply try to play a video or watch ps4 not reading internal hard drive on an external hard drive that causes problem! Be bad HDD turned on, i used DISKPART to format the PS4 internal drive... I also got the CE-36329-3 error were talking about it crashes with the releases of resource-demanding... Wondering if you want to you believe a new and solid hard drive cover has happened 3 already! Keep at least 15 % of the PS4 internal HDD of PS4 hard drive and the music will in..., PS4 just because the portion of the computer Management window, and when i on! After making sure the PS4™ is completely turned off think i have been looking around everywhere to find solution... Is always important to make is to turn my PS4 went off, after i put a in! Day of playing the graphics card and tell me what have you tried also to full format it again persists.