To me they seem a bit bigger (still very small) than fruit flies. They are not just in the kitchen. Management Methods: Residual and contact sprays, drain treatment with microbes What does a fruit fly look like? The little pests that look like teensyweensy flies but bite like dire skeeters. Reproduction and Life cycle. The stable fly is a about ¼-inch long and gray with four dark stripes on its thorax (behind the head). You may have multiple bumps that form a painful rash. We have these tiny fruit fly like bugs. Midge or gnat bites look a lot like mosquito bites: small, red, itchy lumps or sometimes a red welt or blister. Insects Similar To Fruit Flies That Bite. The adult phorid flies are most active during the warm months of the year, and primarily … What it looks like: There are a few major fly species that bother people in the United States, including deer, horse, stable, and black flies. They are most abundant in late summer and fall, and will fly several miles to bite livestock (hence the name), pets and people. ... now is going on my legs I can’t with them scars but I recently just saw a bug that looked a bit strange it is small like a fruit fly but a bit smaller and black but its not a flat looking bug its like if … Flies are attracted by sore places on the skin, like already created bite marks, open wounds and scratches. If anyone is watching me I must look like a madwoman waving my arms around. Phorid Flies: Identifying Characteristics: Superficially resemble fruit flies, but are more humpbacked. Life Cycle:1-2 weeks. The larvae of fruit flies also possess similar eating habits as the adults and like to eat damaged vegetable matter. Fruit flies can be got rid of by making a vinegar trap. Although fruit flies do not bite humans, there are other small flying insects which can bite and are sometimes mistaken for fruit flies.. For instance, so called “biting midges” are of the same order as common fruit flies (Diptera), and are relatively similar in appearance and will occasionally bite humans. Deer flies like to rear the heads just as the warmer weather begins. 6 of 7 They are driving me crazy. These flies are typically tan to dark brown, like the fruit fly, but they lack the red eye color. Having a yellowish brown body and red brick colored eyes, fruit flies have distinctive black rings around their abdomens. It is easy to distinguish male from female fruit flies due to size differences and hue, as males are smaller and darker in color.  Deer fly bites … Host Material: Decaying vegetation and animal matter. Fruit flies have a short life cycle that lasts around 40-50 days. The most prominent feature of the phorid fly is the humpbacked shape of its thorax. I even through out my bananas and they were just getting ripe. In 12 hours or so, the bites turn into bumps that look like pimples and are extremely itchy. This fly looks like a house fly, except for the pointed proboscis beneath its head through which it sucks blood. These bites may last for as long as two weeks. Adult Occurrence: Most abundant in warmer months. You can do this by pouring about an inch of apple cider vinegar into a glass or cup. The bugs don’t spread diseases to humans, though they can infect livestock. They can be found along trails near streams, lakes, ponds, marshes and swamps. The adult fruit flies also like to eat spoilt fruit pulp and residue, fungi and the dirt that remain in the toilet and drain pipes.